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Gizmodo pointed me to this Microsoft video envisioning a possible “state of technology” in 2019. It being Microsoft’s vision, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that 2019 will be full of Microsoft Surface and ePaper.

What did surprise me was a lot of the “yeah, right” comments after the article along this ilk:

…2019 is VERY optimistic. This video looks more like it might be from 2059. -gerrylum

I’m sure it’s just a confluence of re-reading “Microserfs” this week, and realizing how dated a ten year old “advanced technology outlook” it really is, and hearing a group of University Students from my own alma matter talk today, but for whatever reason I’m accutely aware at how fast technology can change in a relatively short period of time.

To try and figure out where we might be ten years from now – it’s helpful to look at where we *were* ten years ago.


This was a state-of-the-art Apple PowerBook ten years ago.


This was a state-of-the-art cell phone ten years ago.

This was what Google looked like ten years ago (even better is what Google looked like eleven years ago.

Ten years ago Sony made waves by introducing an (almost) High Definition camcorder that only cost $82,000!

Ten years ago this was the next generation of video gaming.

Ten years ago this television series was just beginning.

My point being if something like the Microsoft video is the *best* we can do, given another ten years… we’re not trying hard enough.