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Enter, Julius Genachowski

julius genachowski

As has been presumed since January, Julius Genachowski, has been nominated to head the Federal Communications Commission in the US.

While Genachowski is considered by many a strong advocate of Network Neutrality (being the first FCC head to come from a former life in Sillicon Valey, as opposed to the usual broadcast executive route to the job) – some are asking questions why neutrality pledges haven’t been a bigger part of his appointment.

My pragmatic opinion is just the reality that there are a number of interests that the Obama administration must court, and if your biggest complaint to date about Genachowski is that he’s someone who clearly understands the issues, the importance of the issues, and has vocally supported the cause in the past… but is less vocal now that he’s been appointed to a high-level government position… that’s still a pretty good day in Washington.

[Edit – in a weird “snake eating it’s own tail” loop, Laura at Derivative Work (who referenced this post) has done a great overview of Mr. Genachowski’s background and previous work with her usual impeccable detail and thorough research. Highly recommended as a primer on the new FCC head. ]

Barack Obama and the case of the missing Nintendo DS(es).


A completely captivating story about the president-elect and his first family on the eve of his historic inauguration.

Intrigue! Mistyque! Secret service agents “as big as boulders”! Missing Nintendo DS(es)! Leapfrog! Iraqi policy debate!

Not only is the story entirely charming, but anyone with kids (or who has spent any time with kids) tasked with hunting down missing items can relate… well played, sir.

I saw that the office was really shaped like an oval!” via Kotaku
(Very cool custom DS-Lite by Shepard Fairey)