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Happy… 2013…

Producer Brad Fox discussed Piracy in the April 2013 issue of Fine Cut

Hey everyone,

Sorry there hasn’t been much updated on this front. Tonnes of interesting developments to chat about in the ever-crazy media world – and not enough hours in the day. As I race pell-mell towards the end of the year, I really do want to make getting this space into some kind of shape one of my new years goals.

In the meantime, if you’re really wanting more of my patented media babbling I’ve written a tonne of possibly interesting stuff over at including bits on the transition to digital screens, why sound often gets short shrift in micro-budget film-making, feature film format and theatre profitability, and some realities about the shrinking home video market.

Hopefully that will keep you busy in the meantime. As well you can always see what I’m up to in more granular detail over at @blogfox – my twitter handle.

And, finally, can I humbly suggest that the shiny new iTunes version of Billy Bishop Goes to War would make an amazing holiday gift for many on your shopping list with a passion for Canadian military or theatre history (or both!) (or neither!!). I’m still amazingly proud of this feature film, and want to see it get into more Canadian homes. What Eric Peterson and John Gray do in that film is phenomenal… how often do you get to see a film that’s been polished for 30-odd years by it’s creators?

Happy holidays everyone and let’s get the joint jumping again in the new year!

NB: Oh yeah that creepy photo is courtesy of the most recent issue of “Fine Cut”, which interviewed me about the reality of piracy in Canadian indie media – check that out too…