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One last Coraline note…


One last, for now, note on the on-going saga of Coraline’s Box-Office. While (as I predicted) Coraline did overtake “Friday the 13th” this week, it not only wasn’t by the large measure I had expected – but it dropped a whopping 54% to 5.3M, which was significantly more than I expected.

Thankfully BoxOfficeMojo set me straight by pointing out that the film lost over 700 3D screens to the opening of the new Jonas Brothers movie. (Interestingly I notice that the Jonas brothers per-screen average was actually lower than the “Coraline” per screen average last week. Wouldn’t it be a kick if ‘line managed to outlast them?

I promise to not harp on this any further… at least as relates to the importance of box-office openings.

Okay, just one more – Dear “Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li“, I know I said that opening-weekend box-office is generally indicative of nothing. However, that whole “getting bested on your opening weekend by a month-old stop-motion animation which was made with a smaller budget” thing? Not a good indicator.

“Corlaine” and the Box-Office-Followup…

Wallpaper courtesy the UGO network

Just thought a quick follow up to last weeks “Coraline” prognostications might be in order to see if I was – in fact – right.

Lo and behold – everything I suggested did indeed come to pass. “Coraline” had the smallest decrease (again) of wide-release holdovers to get up to $53.3M (which, incidentally, outgrosses the total domestic run of “Corpse Bride”). “Friday the 13th” on the other-hand dropped 81% to come in for a total domestic run to date of $55M. I would be surprised if “Coraline” doesn’t overtake “Friday” over the course of the week.

Now again, this is all in a vacumn – and doesn’t have anything to do with profitability, per se. “Friday” cost, something like $19M less than “Coraline” to make… but “Coraline” has (I’d suspect) much more upside on video and DVD sales (as all animation in general, and youth animation in particular does) – so it doesn’t mean much of anything (outside of my initial comment on this article at “Occasional Suerheroine” that trying to correlate “broad appeal” with “opening weekend box-office” is a very sticky wicket.

“Coraline” is doing just fine at the box office, thanks (or – How I learned to stop worrying about opening box office, because it’s kind of useless)


If you haven’t guessed from my impromptu “theme” portrait change last week, I really, really, liked Henry Selick’s “Coraline”… which is interesting, because I was decidedly lukewarm on Neil Gaimans novel (admittedly I’m probably not the target audience, but that hasn’t stopped me from raving about other work even less demographically aligned).

I was somewhat surprised to read today at over at Occasional Superheroine (a regular comic blog haunt) that Valerie thinks that it’s troubling that Coraline’s opening was “lower” than “Friday the 13th”. Well what she exactly said was:

“Eyebrows [are] raised at how huge the opening was for “Friday 13th,” and how low “Coraline’s” was in comparison.”

Really? I’d like to see whose eyebrows, so I can tell them how they’re very, very, wrong. Coraline’s opening would suggest it will be a much more profitable film than the newest “Friday” by a large margin. Read more