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“Corlaine” and the Box-Office-Followup…

Wallpaper courtesy the UGO network

Just thought a quick follow up to last weeks “Coraline” prognostications might be in order to see if I was – in fact – right.

Lo and behold – everything I suggested did indeed come to pass. “Coraline” had the smallest decrease (again) of wide-release holdovers to get up to $53.3M (which, incidentally, outgrosses the total domestic run of “Corpse Bride”). “Friday the 13th” on the other-hand dropped 81% to come in for a total domestic run to date of $55M. I would be surprised if “Coraline” doesn’t overtake “Friday” over the course of the week.

Now again, this is all in a vacumn – and doesn’t have anything to do with profitability, per se. “Friday” cost, something like $19M less than “Coraline” to make… but “Coraline” has (I’d suspect) much more upside on video and DVD sales (as all animation in general, and youth animation in particular does) – so it doesn’t mean much of anything (outside of my initial comment on this article at “Occasional Suerheroine” that trying to correlate “broad appeal” with “opening weekend box-office” is a very sticky wicket.