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Canadian Comedy Awards (2009 Edition)!

The Violator is nominated for a Canadian Comedy Award - Vote Here!
Mushmouth is nominated for a Canadian Comedy Award - Vote Here!
Basement Accident is nominated for a Canadian Comedy Award - Vote Here!

Great Caesars Ghost! The Rocket Ace Moving Pictures / Imponderables superteam just keeps on trucking. We’re very happy to announce that three of our silly viral videos have been nominated for Canadian Comedy Awards in the “Pretty Funny Web-Video” category. That’s absolutely amazing and it’s great to see short-form-new-media-comedy get recognized at the venerable awards.

“Web-Video” is one of the categories that’s open for public voting, if you’re a Canadian citizen or resident (and are inclined to do so) head over to the website to vote for your favourite clip. If you’d like to support one of ours – we’re encouraging RocketAce/Imps fans to vote for “The Violator” so as not to split our vote. We love all the nominees equally (this is a lie – I, personally, have a favourite, but I’m not saying which) – but “Violator” has been, by quite a bit, the best performing piece with audiences this year… plus, how can you say no to a film that won us a fez?!

I am *so* Jim Vergadula (NSFW Language)

From the heart

After a frustrating day of being tired and cranky, and trying to focus on some trifling paperwork it suddenly occurred to me (as it does a couple of times each year), that I miss Bill Hicks. And sure enough, it’s probably been almost exactly 15 years since Bill finished recording Arizona Bay.

And that sucks.