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I’ll tell you where Matt is…

Ooh! Ooh! I know where he is!

… he’s all over the freaking internet and still going strong.

I remember Matt Harding’s 2005 “Dancing” video pretty clearly. A friend of the family was doing a world tour around the same time, so I’d often contrast his e-mails with what Matt was up to.

But this… this is just awesome. It’s raising the game both technically and artistically. Stupidly inspiring and sentimental, and speaks to something so primal I could watch it all day. Furthermore, Stride Gum, (who financed this whole venture) is so hands off with their branding (outside of their own site) that as soon as this is posted, I am going to walk to the convenience store on the corner and buy a bunch of their freaking gum. I don’t even like gum.

Where the Hell is Matt 2008 (thanks to MGK for the hook up… I should just start scraping his feed).

Copyright, more like copywrong… amirite?

Thank you, well intentioned people who keep hitting my contact form, I’m well aware that a revised bill C-61 to amend Canada’s copyright legislation was tabled more than a week ago, and I’ve still yet to say “boo” about it.

I don’t want to say too much on it, until I have a chance to actually review the legislation, especially after I knocked other folks this month for jumping on various “hate on” bandwagons without doing their research. I’ll try to get to it in the next couple of days – I promise.

Harry Knowles does not care for “The Love Guru”

I can’t recall the last time I read a Harry Knowles movie review. I’m not really big on review-sites in general – but I used to use AICN as a vague barometer for “genre movies” I was on the fence about seeing in theatres – a role which (for me) is now much better suited by the Tomatometer. That being said I really enjoyed Harry’s review of The Love Guru.

[…] Myers puts a shotgun in the mouth of comedy and kills it.

really, REALLY, needs to be a pullquote for this weeks “sizzle” ads in the newspapers. Come on someone at Paramount – make this happen for me!

The game is afeet

A fifth severed human foot (the first left) has washed ashore in British Columbia.

From the (strangely irreverent) article:

(RCMP Const. Annie) Linteau said the first four feet showed no signs of foul play.

Within the broader context of the article, I believe that Constable Linteau was trying to indicate that the feet were not directly severed; That they likely were “detached by natural forces” from decomposing bodies due to the universal presence of (boyant) running shoes encasing each recovered foot.

However, for future reference, I would posit to the RCMP that one’s foot decomposing off one’s drowned body while clothed for non-aqueous endeavours might be a sign of foul play in and of itself.

Submitted without comment

More information on traditions can be found on the internet (specificially on Balloonjuice via Mightygodking, of course).

Not Happening

I guess it’s become de rigeur to bash M. Night Shyamalan lately – but I don’t consider myself part of that bandwagon. For starters I count “Unbreakable” among my favourite films, and it was far from a critical darling. So please use that as some kind of calibration to take heed when I feel compelled to vent that “The Happening” is the worst movie I have seen in many years – bordering on unwatchable.

The film is such a monumental failure on every conceivable level that I spent portions of it wondering if Mr. Shyamalan was actually significantly ill, or through some ill-advised contract somehow had to put his name on a film with which he had no actual involvement. Short of either of those possiblities (or perhaps his previously using ghost-talent which wasn’t available for this go-round) – I really don’t have any other explanation for the fact that he seems to have forgotten (or is willfulling ignoring) everything he once knew about writing, composition, or dealing with actors.

The very first line of the movie (a throw away by a bit character which only has to set up one event) somehow manages to be both a non-sequiter, over-explanitory, and manage to be a sentence no one has ever said in natural conversation – in the history of the world. A herculean trifecta of bad writing… in the first line:

A woman is silently reading a book.
Woman: (to her friend)I lost my place, where was I?

How should your friend know? You were silently reading a book.

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Rise of the pop-culture tribes

A weird combination of Chris Sims awarding winning comic-blog-stylings and an interesting interview on Jazz FM got me thinking about the concept of tribalisim today, and how the future may be ruled by distinct groups with unique languages, customs, and idioms – based on how much they loved “Alf”.

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Defending Publishers (aka Several reasons self-publishing sucks)

Almost a week ago, D.J. Coffman announced that he’s putting his (really fun) Hero by Night on hiatus due to late payments by Platinum Studios. His post immediately reignited the eternal argument about the importance of creators rights in comics (see, pretty much any post from this site two weeks ago).

And while I agree with much of the sentiment behind the “hooray for self-determination” school of thought on creators rights – it does tend to overlook large areas where the current self/Internet publishing models might really suck for a lot of emerging creators.

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