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A Blog Post: Beta Version

I think I inadvertently insulted someone today, with one of those odd reminders of how some tech terms haven’t quite permeated the general lexicon as much as I think they have.

I was talking about an upcoming meeting, one involving a few people involved in a much larger meeting later in the week as a kind of “trial run” to hash some things out first. “Gotcha,” I said “it’s like the beta version of the actual meeting“.

After a moment of silence I got the somewhat strained reply “In that it will last shortly and then fade into obscurity?”

I honestly didn’t know how to reply.

The game is afeet

A fifth severed human foot (the first left) has washed ashore in British Columbia.

From the (strangely irreverent) article:

(RCMP Const. Annie) Linteau said the first four feet showed no signs of foul play.

Within the broader context of the article, I believe that Constable Linteau was trying to indicate that the feet were not directly severed; That they likely were “detached by natural forces” from decomposing bodies due to the universal presence of (boyant) running shoes encasing each recovered foot.

However, for future reference, I would posit to the RCMP that one’s foot decomposing off one’s drowned body while clothed for non-aqueous endeavours might be a sign of foul play in and of itself.