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Deja Vu!

So 38 days later a record low number of Canadians have gathered to speak as one, in one voice, unified in a collective political belief. I have no idea what that belief is… perhaps that we don’t really like any of these guys so we’re pretty much okay with things the way they were… more or less.

Really the only real standout of the night was the schadenfreude of watching each Canadian news outlet fall over itself to clumsily incorporate some form of Web 2.0 lip-service in their coverage. The National Post allowed commenter liveblogging! Much Music was showing Facebook comments! The Ceeb was (bizarrely) charting the volume of election traffic on twitter (which Susan Ormiston kept, aggravatingly, referring to as “the twitters”). Christopher Bird gets the last word of the night over at the Torontoist liveblog by noting:

The CBC is reporting on what people are saying on Twitter. Remove the internet, and this would be the CBC going out into the street to see what vagrants on street corners are yelling. However, this is Web 2.0, where content is king and everything is serious because it is the future, baby!

It sure is. Except, like all the best sci-fi it is a future that’s eeriely familiar.

Ah well… at least a lot of sub-par legislation died on the order paper… let’s try to apply some lessons from the past, yes?