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BlogFox Braindump!

I don’t have a lot of insightful, funny, lengthy stuff to post, but rather a bunch of odds and ends that don’t lend themselves to lengthy discourse… hence – fear my braindump:

  • Rob

    As amusing as Matthew Parris’ article was, I usually subscribe to the “Occam’s Razor” way of looking at things. What is more likely? That Herge secretly made numerous and repeated yet still vague suggestions to his adolecent main character being homosexual? Or that the main character didn’t show much interest in girls because, well, the Tintin stories were directly aimed at an audience of pre-pubecent boys who generally don’t give a damn about girls?

    Similar arguments can (and have) been levelled against Sam & Frodo, Ernie & Bert, etc. etc… in fact, pretty much any popular culture creation that involves two close male friends is liable to have the gay argument come up sooner or later.