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Barack Obama and the case of the missing Nintendo DS(es).


A completely captivating story about the president-elect and his first family on the eve of his historic inauguration.

Intrigue! Mistyque! Secret service agents “as big as boulders”! Missing Nintendo DS(es)! Leapfrog! Iraqi policy debate!

Not only is the story entirely charming, but anyone with kids (or who has spent any time with kids) tasked with hunting down missing items can relate… well played, sir.

I saw that the office was really shaped like an oval!” via Kotaku
(Very cool custom DS-Lite by Shepard Fairey)

  • this ds lite is the best i’ve seen lol

  • does it come like dat or is it da skin hpm!?

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    That’s fucking gay as hell, burn it

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    Barack Obama looks good on this Nintendo. I think this is special edition Nintendo DS which has Barack Obama photo on it. This red color Nintendo DS is looks very good.

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    I think nintendo should make their handheld more customize-able  that way I would have more fun with it.

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    Nintendo always comes with best background.. My colleague had brought this console. It was looking cool and Barak obama also looking good on Nintendo.
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