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Dropping Film Knowledge like a Clumsy Librarian (somewhere in the 700 section…)

The_Horse_in_MotionHi all!

People seem to be liking the film industry / history writing I’ve been doing over at Quora, so if you’re one of the folks mad I don’t have more time for long-form industry ramblings these days, there might be something there to scratch your itch?

Here’s a list of every Quora I’ve answered as one gigantic list

Or here’s a few direct-links to whet your appetite:

And many, many, (many) more… including topics as disparate as Toronto chicken bylaws, or (possibly the most read thing I’ve ever written in my life) 90 words about the history of Scooby-Doo.

The Internet everyone!

Happy… 2013…

Producer Brad Fox discussed Piracy in the April 2013 issue of Fine Cut

Hey everyone,

Sorry there hasn’t been much updated on this front. Tonnes of interesting developments to chat about in the ever-crazy media world – and not enough hours in the day. As I race pell-mell towards the end of the year, I really do want to make getting this space into some kind of shape one of my new years goals.

In the meantime, if you’re really wanting more of my patented media babbling I’ve written a tonne of possibly interesting stuff over at including bits on the transition to digital screens, why sound often gets short shrift in micro-budget film-making, feature film format and theatre profitability, and some realities about the shrinking home video market.

Hopefully that will keep you busy in the meantime. As well you can always see what I’m up to in more granular detail over at @blogfox – my twitter handle.

And, finally, can I humbly suggest that the shiny new iTunes version of Billy Bishop Goes to War would make an amazing holiday gift for many on your shopping list with a passion for Canadian military or theatre history (or both!) (or neither!!). I’m still amazingly proud of this feature film, and want to see it get into more Canadian homes. What Eric Peterson and John Gray do in that film is phenomenal… how often do you get to see a film that’s been polished for 30-odd years by it’s creators?

Happy holidays everyone and let’s get the joint jumping again in the new year!

NB: Oh yeah that creepy photo is courtesy of the most recent issue of “Fine Cut”, which interviewed me about the reality of piracy in Canadian indie media – check that out too…

Welcome to VideoBlogFox

I’ve been talking a lot on Twitter about trying to find a new format to talk about issues in film and television and it’s finally time to share this “very-much-still-a-work-in-progress” experiment called Video BlogFox!

Episode Fun Fact ™: Yes, I absolutely shaved and put that shirt on specifically to resemble my cartoon avatar as much as possible.

Shameless Canadian Comedy Award Campaigning

Spam as blogpost. I think this is a new low. Hooray for living in the future!

As I’m neck deep in production, the twitter box to your right might be a little more active than the site over the next few weeks – but probably not very. Hope everyone’s having a great Summer!

I am so sorry for the spam groupmail, but it completely escaped my notice that the deadline for public Canadian Comedy Award voting is coming up at the end of the week. Read more




I hope everyone is having as lovely an Easter weekend as I’ve been blessed with (although in my case that’s a long weekend where I can do the same work I was doing during the week… but from home… so I don’t have to walk so far to the tea kettle… or wear pants).

In any case just a last minute note that I’m auctioning off one of the very rate Kate Beaton / Nikki Rice Malki Ponys with all proceeds (and then some) going to the (awesome) Operation Sock Monkey. You’ve got until tomorrow afternoon (EST) so get bidding!

Canadian Comedy Awards (2009 Edition)!

The Violator is nominated for a Canadian Comedy Award - Vote Here!
Mushmouth is nominated for a Canadian Comedy Award - Vote Here!
Basement Accident is nominated for a Canadian Comedy Award - Vote Here!

Great Caesars Ghost! The Rocket Ace Moving Pictures / Imponderables superteam just keeps on trucking. We’re very happy to announce that three of our silly viral videos have been nominated for Canadian Comedy Awards in the “Pretty Funny Web-Video” category. That’s absolutely amazing and it’s great to see short-form-new-media-comedy get recognized at the venerable awards.

“Web-Video” is one of the categories that’s open for public voting, if you’re a Canadian citizen or resident (and are inclined to do so) head over to the website to vote for your favourite clip. If you’d like to support one of ours – we’re encouraging RocketAce/Imps fans to vote for “The Violator” so as not to split our vote. We love all the nominees equally (this is a lie – I, personally, have a favourite, but I’m not saying which) – but “Violator” has been, by quite a bit, the best performing piece with audiences this year… plus, how can you say no to a film that won us a fez?!

Net Neutrality for Content Creators – Am I a “Media Personality” Yet?

photo by dalboz17

I now retreat safely to my hole!

So I’m back from my two-day sojourn into the heart of darkness of government.

The CRTC net neutrality public hearings have a couple of (big) days to go yet. I think the joint CFTPA / IFTA team did a tremendous job in preparation and all we can do now is hope that we at least planted the seeds of our message so that the ISP’s don’t get an easy ride when they’re up on Friday.

I had some very positive discussions with media (and other gallery observers) following our presentation – which at least made me feel that our main points got across and we got a lot of nice write-ups today:

Thanks to everyone who sent me links to articles, or kind words following the presentation. Special hat-tip to Erin – for the lengthy consultation on what tie I should bring to Ottawa.

Hey, I’m quoted in “Quill & Quire”!

EXTRA – Hard-hitting industry news*: Area man goes to producer/publisher cross-industry event!.

*Note: Industry news may not be all that hard-hitting.