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WALL-E Script Available On-Line, Delightful

I still don’t have my Caution, Robots wallpaper. Disney. I know, I know, you want me to buy the Blu-Ray that came out this week… and, frankly, the likelyhood of someone giving me a copy over the holiday season is almost guaranteed given my outspoken love, at which point I’ll make my own wallpaper… but I’m not HAPPY about it. If there’s a theme to WALL-E it’s that things are much more valuable when they’re just given to you as you sit on a giant floating chair, right? Right?

But just when Disney/Pixar was off my Christmas card list you both went and, as a gesture of goodwill, made the full script for the film available for download on your Walt Disney Studios “For Your Consideration” Awards Page (click “WALL-E”, then “Download Script”). Okay, it was probably less for reasons of “holiday cheer” and more because you’d like it to be nominated for a best screenplay Avademy Award. But there may indeed be method to your madness.

Reading scripts of movies I admire is always interesting, but it’s truly fascinating how much character and tone Andrew Stanton and Pete Docter imbue into the page, especially as it needs to cover the conventional dialogue free first act of the film. Interestingly, the script would suggest “Wally” departs Earth at about 20 minutes into the film… a point I would have pegged as closer to half-way into the movies runtime, but that may just be due to that section being (IMHO) the most emotionally powerful of the film (not that I didn’t enjoy the acts on the Axiom, they’re just more conventional). Now I have to get that Blu-Ray… dang it all.

Somehow the textual characterization of Wally and Eve (and pretty much all of the robots) is even more charming in script-form, and has made me even more infatuated with a film that I was, clearly, pretty infatuated with to begin with.

There’s value in the consumption of these particular bits, especially for those interested in screencraft – so, presuming you’re going to pass on comments to all the Academy Award voting friends you have (that is why you’re at the “for your consideration site, right?), pull down a copy and check it out for yourselves.