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Seven days until the COUCHATHON!

Like all the best ventures in mankind’s short history, there may have been drinking involved in the conception of the Couchathon.

See, as much as I love The Imponderables (purveyors of fine viral comedy styling over at RocketAce), they have really, really, short attention spans.

During one shoot with them someone commented trying to get the four of them to focus on something at the same time was like trying to “herd wind-up cymbal-monkeys”. So we always used to joke the cruelest thing we could ever do to them is stick them in a small room together for more than an hour.

And then the joke turned into a charity telethon concept.

And then the joke became real.

Won’t you join me next Thursday at 11am for the WORST IDEA EVER, as we try to raise ph4t l3w7 for Sick Kids Foundation and Child’s Play?

It’s pretty much your best bet of the day to watch four of Canada’s hottest comedic talents murder each other, live, on the Internet. Plus I’ll be running the broadcast… so… man…