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Regina Roundup!

You remember my previous post about letting kids dress up as comic characters? Kevin Church manages to express the same sentiment much more succinctly, proving why he is beaucoup, and I am merely moyenne.

I’ve been in Regina this week for the 9th Annual Canadian Comedy Awards and Festival, and let me tell you this city has an embarassment of great comic book shops. Within a five minute walk of my hotel I managed to plug a bunch of holes in some of my Silver-Age runs and then, mere minutes away, track down the third Yoshihiro Tasumi collection, “Good Bye” (link to pdf preview at D&Q), a copy of the “Girl Genius” omnibus, and snag a full run of Action Philosophers trades. I didn’t even broach the Tramps and their Calgary location was one of my favourite back-issue haunts in Cow-Town back in “the day”. Heck, there’s a strong possibility that I’d still be at Comic Readers if I didn’t need money to, you know, get a taxi back to the airport… oh and buy a cool hat. What good are comics without a cool hat to read them in?

Sadly all good things must come to an end, and there’s only so long I can pretend that there isn’t an election coming up with, you know, kind of a big impact on what I do. So I guess I better get back to the big smoke and back to work. Yup. Right now.

Can I just keep digging through great comics and hanging out with talented comedians for another day? Please!?