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What the heck is that word?


Okay, I need some help (more so than usual ba-dum! Try the veal).

For two weeks now there’s been a word on the tip of my tongue that, for the life of me, I just can’t remember. I’ve tried Google, I’ve tried dictionaries and thesauruses… all to no avail.

There is a particular term that refers to intentionally only exposing oneself to information sources which conform to pre-existing biases. Like a liberal who will only read DailyKOS or a conservative that will only watch FOXNews… etc.

So the word itself is kind of a conglomerate of partisan homogeneity, the “media echo chamber”, and solipsism. Homeoinformative isolationisim? Monomedia stagnation? There is a singular specific term, and I just can’t recall what it is.

And it’s driving me crazy.