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It’s like an encyclopedia of “80s Toy Manufacturing High Concept”

In trying to solve a contest question for the effervescent E Dub today, I came across this YouTube.

While I’m not sure I agree that these are the “top” cartoon themes from the 80s (It was a big decade for Cartoons stretching from “Danger Mouse” through “The Simpsons”) I will say this is a really interesting cross section of early 80s toy-based “high concept” cartoons. Literally pretty much every permutation and combination of “space”, “cars”, “robots” and “dinosaurs” is represented herein. Most importantly the clip contains the requisite amount of “I completely forgot about THAT!” moments, 80s futurism design, and hair-rock.

Plus, Jem is at #2 which is only one spot off… since I think it’s unarguable that Jem had the quintessential 80s cartoon theme song. Period.