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I Survived the Couchathon!

Anyone following the sidebar has likely seen that my last week was consumed with the 30-hour non-stop telethon webcast called “The Couchathon” for Sick Kids Foundation and Child’s Play. It was long, and it was a logistical headache, but it was a *lot* of fun. There’s a smattering of “Best of” videos starting to get posted to, but the one above (from around hour 19) is pretty much what my recollection of the entire event is like.

As a kid who spent some time in children’s hospitals growing up, the Couchathon was certainly very personally gratifying – but it was also the last major “event” on my calendar this year… which feels tremendously freeing… and hopefully means more blogging! I’ve really enjoyed trying to get a little more regular with updates here, but I’ll be the first to admit, things have been a little lean since the Film Festival.

“I shall be released” indeed!

Incidentally if you missed out on the Couchathon, the donation buttons are still active, so why not throw a couple of bucks toward’s a good cause, and start building the totals for *next years* Couchathon?