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Logo Mash-Ups

Mario Amaya’s collection of logo mash-ups and his follow up sequel have been well circulated around the internet by this point – but I noticed something interesting today for the first time.

While my initial pass through the list was just enjoyable for the novel sake of the visual puns, if I ask myself “what do I think about this company” I can get some truly stellar cognitive dissonence building up (especially in situations where Mario has combined a company with which I’ve had positive and negative experiences).

As someone who always thought that the concept of “visual branding” has been somewhat overstated – I found it interesting that by modifying the logos I no longer was entirely sure what I thought of companies that I had snap-opinions on for years. While I’m not sure this has any great insight for improving the perception of one’s brand, I now know the first thing I’d throw-out if ever asked to turn around a struggling company.

  • Thanks for the wonderful insight. Indeed I’ve been thinking in that exact vein while creating some of the visual puns. Many of them can be seen as shallow phonetical jokes, but most reveal some deeper meaning, sometimes very unexpectedly so.
    How to throw new light into a brand image? Associate it humorously with a competitor (Casio + Canon, Microsoft + Mac OS, Ferrari + Ford).
    Better yet if the companies are from different sectors but share a feature, such as “market leaders but at least one of them has a controversial background (Volkswagen + Windows Vista, Nikon + Nike).
    Or, as you put it, we come in with a mixed perception due to previous personal experience with the brand and get some serious cognitive dissonance!
    This is the basic recipe… Soon I’ll post the trird batch of logos… not many more left to play within the “global leaders” class.