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Copyright, more like copywrong… amirite?

Thank you, well intentioned people who keep hitting my contact form, I’m well aware that a revised bill C-61 to amend Canada’s copyright legislation was tabled more than a week ago, and I’ve still yet to say “boo” about it.

I don’t want to say too much on it, until I have a chance to actually review the legislation, especially after I knocked other folks this month for jumping on various “hate on” bandwagons without doing their research. I’ll try to get to it in the next couple of days – I promise.

  • Some guy on the internets

    You should be hating it, just for the way Prentice is trying to slide this crap through. How can anyone read the law and not be furious? Granting you rights then taking them away. You can eat a banana for free, UNLESS theres a little sticker on it, and its illegal to take off the sticker. THANKS, dickwad. what a great law.

  • Brad

    See that’s just it, I haven’t actually read the bill yet.

    Considering I didn’t like the previous C-61 and I liked C-60 even less, and one of the few times I’ve ever been legitimately furious with someone was with Bev Oda over a speech she made about copyright – I’m sure there are things about C-61 v2.0 that I won’t like at all… but as someone who makes his entire living off of exploiting copyright – there may be things in it I do.

    Since much of the early criticism seems to be coming from people who have not read the bill directly – it seems unfair to base an opinion on third-hand heresay.

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